A Freelancer's Guide to Find freelance projects and Earn Money

Freelancing can be very attractive because you can work from the comfort of your own home. Which means you don’t have to invest in uniform, it will eliminate the hassle of waking up early and drag yourself to get a ride on time as you need to be in the office on a specific time or else you won’t get your full salary. But despite the appealing advantages it may have, there are still factors that prevent other people to pursue freelancing.

Nowadays, it has been popular with people who don’t want to get the stressful commute from home to work. It is well-known to parents who don’t want to leave their kids at home. The type of job is enticing. You have the chance of choosing where and when to work on freelance projects.

You might wonder, how does it work? In what way you can make money from freelancing? Will be getting the same benefits as that of people working in an office? How can you get started? What are the requirements? Is this stable and can support your family?

In case you are in doubt and have those questions in your mind, you might want to continue reading, so you’ll understand why people stick to this type of work.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is a unique way of working. Instead of getting employed by a company and has a specific title and job, this one is considered self-employed. You can apply a different type of skills and get a job from various sources. Furthermore, you can even have more than one client or employer. You can get it by a full-time, part-time or one-time project to complete. Also, with freelancing, you will be responsible for paying your taxes, insurance, etc.

Once hired or awarded with a project, you have the autonomy to choose the nature of your work. For example, how, when, and where to start work. You don't need to worry as long as you have a stable internet connection and laptop. It will be an advantage if you have your internet at home. Some work in freelancing hubs or for others, they prefer in a coffee shop.

For you to start, you must sign up to any freelance platform. There can be a lot of them. We will discuss it further on the latter part of this article. When you set up your profile, make sure to fill in the necessary information, especially your skills. The platforms will allow you to gain clients or employers. Some freelancers set up own website to advertise their skills and get work. You also take advantage of social networking sites to promote your services. Most freelancers mix different methods for more chances of getting work.

As for the benefits, it depends on the work you can get. For a part-time job, it is more likely you won’t get some perks, but only the payment for the task assign. Some are lucky enough to have a full-time job that provides them with bonuses and other extra treats.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelancing

After understanding the concept of freelancing, we now tackle the advantages and disadvantages of the nature of work for you to weigh if the work is for you.

Benefits of online freelancing

1. Flexible Hours

The most visible advantage you get is you can work whenever you want. You can choose your schedule. Besides, you have the freedom to choose the time of your work. You may opt to have the time which you feel productive. And, it doesn't have to be within the regular business hour.

2. Control over clients or job

Unlike being employed by a company, you have the chance of picking which clients you prefer to serve or work with, with freelancing you have that autonomy. If you don’t agree with the terms laid to you, you can skip the opportunity and move on to the next clients who want your service.

3. Work wherever you want

Along with the freedom to set your schedule is the liberty to choose your location where you want to work. You don’t have to skip work when you want to go out of town. So, you can bring along with you your laptop, and you can do your job in your free time. Moreover, you can even complete your task by the beach when you are on vacation.

4. You are the boss

You don’t have to answer anymore to anyone but your client and yourself. It can reduce pressure and no stressful demands from other people. You can do the job in your own pace as you please. Just like any other boss though, you have the responsibility to make tough decisions but bottom line, you have control over your business.

5. You can have all the profits

When you work for an organization, you always get the same amount no matter how big the project is. But with freelancing, you can control your earnings. You can work more, to get more money and you can keep all the profit, and yes, you are free to spend them in any way you want.

6. Better work-life balance

You don’t have to hurry to be able to catch that bus so you can reach work on time. The stress of commuting is no longer a concern. You can take care of other personal stuff, and you don’t have to go through the same routine of work every day. You have the option to change your daily routine.

Drawbacks of working as a freelancer

1. Unsteady workload

In freelancing, you are the one responsible for looking for your clients or projects. Which means that once one project has been completed, you have to work on getting another one to keep the money coming. The inconsistency of the workload can be the reason for inconsistent income. The higher workload would mean, higher earnings.

2. Distinguishing personal and work time

As earlier indicated, you are your boss, and you can work in any location including working in the comfort of your home. With this, it can be challenging to recognize personal life and work time. Which can mean, you work long hours and having no time to address your interest. It may also mean budgeting your time and organize your schedule.

3. Require a lot of research

Depending on your chosen skill, you need to be precise in research. Thus, for you to acquire more knowledge on the field you wanted or get information for effective approaches on the assigned task, you have to do a lot of research. For some, they enroll in classes that could help them improve. Freelancing gives you the responsibility to wear many hats. It may include marketing, sales, promotion, even travel guru.

4. Not being able to get payment

As a freelancer, you are exposed to the risk of not being paid for the completed work. The case is typical to the freelance world. Most of the freelancers may have experienced this. Everybody is aware of such, but even so, you won’t realize the risk until its too late. Also if you got the work from a reliable freelance platform, still it is not an assurance.

5. No employer benefits

Good for those who have full-time work in freelancing and given health benefits, but most freelancers don’t have this benefit. You can get one for yourself at own cost. But this means additional expenses out from your pocket. Most freelancers who have stable earnings, get their insurance. It can be expensive to get sick, and health insurance is your back up especially if you are freelancing.

Are you suitable for freelancing?

Freelancing is an equal chance of positive and negative acquisition. You must weigh these things for you to decide whether this kind of job works for you. You must take the risk if you want to get started. It may not fit for everyone. If you are one of those who took the first step, it may take a year to get the full swing.

Why do you want to freelance?

You might be looking for a flexible schedule, or you want to eliminate the stressful commute from home to work. You may be that someone who wants to expand your opportunities. The recorded perks of freelancing are real, but it takes a lot of courage and risk. You must have the right intention to pursue freelancing, or you will end up one day with no money coming in. So, before deciding to quit your present job and pursue freelancing, make sure you have established your field and the how in-demand the skill.

Can you Afford to Freelance?

Same with other businesses, you need to invest. In your first few months, you might not see the excellent flow of money. You may have to establish your network to be able for you to advertise your services. For some, they need to get their website and showcase their skills. It looks like an excellent way of getting your more clients.

It is essential to assess how much money you need and followed it with the question if it is enough for you and your family. Given that cases, you must know your strategy early on. Identify the rates and calculate for you to know what effort you need to exert.

Are You Ready with the Uncomfortable Phases of Freelancing?

With freelancing, you won’t be able to know when you are getting paid. There can be a time that your works don’t meet the client’s requirements which may result in non-payment. When you come to that phase, you might reconsider coming back, and your main intention for freelancing is forgotten entirely. This part of freelancing is normal.

Throughout the journey, you will experience such cases. The rejected works are considered lessons which you can learn and opportunity to improve.

One of the huge misconceptions about freelancing is you sit at home, and the work will keep coming. However, the truth is you need to work hard for it. You have to fight for your job, and you have to be convincing to win a client or be awarded projects. You have to work for it.

Freelancing is a world of competition so what you need is determination and grit for you to be awarded a project.

What are you good at?

When you start freelancing, you don’t have to be expert on something. You only have to know what you are good at and improve them along the way. Decide as early as day one on what you want to concentrate and stick to it. Having a specific field of specialization will give you a greater chance to focus and improve.

In freelancing, you are your brand, and with that, you need to promote your brand. As a brand, you must own something to present. And identifying your brand is a good way of knowing how to sell your services to your prospected clients.

Will freelancing give you joy?

As they always said, not every day is Christmas. Same is true with freelancing. There can be moments that you don’t feel like working, and there are those times that you want to get more workload. That’s the reason why you must choose the right field to concentrate. There can be a lot of skills but focusing on the one thing you love to do and use it for to earn, that may bring you joy and can be a factor of your smooth freelance journey.

For you to be a successful and happy freelancer, you must be honest with yourself on things that are appealing to you. Ranking your desires and passions can be a good start. Consider the most important and less essential. Weigh things accordingly because once you started, it could be harder to go back to the corporate world.

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