Top eCommerce Platforms In India

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Do you need to shop for new clothes, footwear, and accessories? Or do you need a new smartphone or laptop with more storage and better technology? Well, who doesn’t love to shop? But shopping in this weather can be torture. Especially, if you have planned to laze around on the weekend. But no one can stay away from the drive of shopping, isn’t it? Shopping through international websites can cost you a lot more than the actual price because of shipping costs or sometimes, duty. That is why we present to you the top 5 and best online shopping sites in India. Go through the following and you will know which online shopping site to browse for which product:


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Myntra is preferred by a large group of women in India. The reason being the large collection of accessories, clothes, and footwear. Recently, they have also added great beauty and skincare range for both the genders. Many celebrities have collaborated with the site for their fashion brand’s sale and promotion. The best part about it is that it doesn’t focus on any one kind of category. From ethnic to western, kids to females, they have got it all covered. During sale season Myntra is the best online shopping site for exclusive offers and a variety of products. They also give regular coupons up to the value of 30 percent if you download the app or subscribe with the site.


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Flipkart is a huge market space for all kinds of products. This online shopping site not only focuses on apparel, but other things as well. They have great offers on books, mobile phones and mobile accessories, computer and computer accessories, electronics, toiletries, and other stuff. As of now, Flipkart has become the largest player of the e-commerce industry in India after acquiring many other online shopping sites. The big billion sale festival hosted by Flipkart is very famous and the public is known to go crazy during the time of Flipkart’s sale season.


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Amazon is by far the most popular online shopping site. From hair clips to socks to even plumbing equipment. Name it and you will find it on Amazon. The site has two domains: an People in India shop from the ‘.in’ domain, for obvious reasons. It is the only site which guarantees one-day delivery if you are subscribed to their prime membership and if the seller’s profile says it is available for the specific pin code. The shopping site has grown its business by developing platforms for online series and music as well.

Shopclues Bazaar

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If you are planning to buy electronics then Shopclues is your go-to destination. The website provides heavy discounts and the best online shopping deals for all the tech-savvy shoppers. The online site or store offers a variety in the categories of cameras, smart phones, jewelry, laptops, computer accessories, books, bags, clothes and much more. The website is also known for household pieces of equipment at a great price. Sometimes, the discount offered also goes up to 80% off. The regular flow of offers is what makes Shopclues a great marketplace for Indian buyers.

The above are the top online shopping sites in the Indian market. You can select the most appropriate site according to the product you want to purchase. The e-commerce industry has grown in the last decade, shopping online has become a better alternative for some people. Especially, with heavy discounts and great deals, it has become irresistible to look away from such websites or apps. Downloading and subscribing to the applications released by the company opens greater access to deals and discounts. All the above-stated companies have released online shopping applications for both Android and iOS users.

The credits for the boom in the industry also go to the various online payment applications, wallets and various payment gateways. These applications and gateways include PayTM, Bhumi UPI, Phone Pe, and others. Each company supports different methods of payment. At times, paying online saves more money than paying cash on delivery. Big companies like Amazon have created their own wallets where you can add money via bank card and get access to cashback deals.

So, download the apps and start exploring!

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